Monday, January 23, 2012

How did you spend your weekend?

A feverish five-year-old meant that I spent more time than planned working on this project - my 'not so pink lemonade' (I see that Lori's got her's quilted and the binding on! I'm loving seeing all the different variations of this). I'm just missing the corner blocks and the top is done. A head cold of my own meant that I should have spent an afternoon in bed myself, but I was so far gone with cutting and piecing those half blocks and wanting to see how it all fitted together that I just ploughed through. My wrist is complaining a little, but I can slow down now.
The chair in the photo by the way is a neat little Italian invention - a short legged (37cm -14 1/2 inches high) chair with a woven seat. There is nothing more comfortable for sitting in and sewing, embroidering, knitting or sorting beans. If only I had a wood stove and a stone floored kitchen to complete the picture:)
Do you ever get into a panic halfway through a quilt that you think it's all wrong? Well that's what I kept thinking all weekend. That pretty floral fabric was playing on my nerves a bit - I originally bought it to make a pretty summer dress for my daughter, then decided against it because it has a high thread count and is a little stiff. It's a very bright, aqua-blue. I chose the stonier blue in the two odd setting squares to tone it down a bit. I think with a dark grey blue for binding then I'll be happy with it. Seeing your work in a photograph is a good way to get a bit of distance and perspective, isn't it?


  1. Love your fabric choices, it looks wonderful!
    you have one of my favorite fabrics in the blocks, the brown one with the little flowers !

  2. I actually love your fabric choices. I want to do a churn dash for my bed. Your color selection adds a dash of color to the traditional blue. I really like it. And yes,I do know what it is like to second guess yourself halfway through. Dpn't's looking good1

  3. It looks great! I'm so glad you used that aqua color!!

  4. Nice to see one in a different color combo. I hope you like it

  5. Love the soft colors. I know what you mean about that not so sure feeling half way through. I always tell myself to just wait until it is quilted and I'm usually happy. Your top looks great in the photo, but it is more important how it looks to you in person.

  6. I love the colors of this quilt! So soothing!