Monday, January 16, 2012

A bit of weekend sewing

There's nothing quite like a deadline to get me moving. This camera case was supposed to be a thankyou present/Christmas gift back in December. Sunday became the day so I sat down and sewed. The tutorial I used is here. I didn't folow the instructions too accurately, for lack of time. The recipients favourite colours are orange, lilac and green - not my colours at all, so I added in some blue. The solids are Kafee Fasset shot cottons. I started with a strip of pieced fabric.....

Added batting and lining......

Quilted it by machine, folded it over, sewed up the sideseams and added an old-fashioned press-stud. The pattern called for a button and elastic, but I settled for something easier. Look at that great piece of leftover fabric - I'm looking forward to using that. The strip of paper is my template/pattern. 

And this is the finished camera case. I'm not so happy about all the orange ending up on the front, I'll have to think about fabric placement next time I make this, and I will be making one soon for our own camera - I promised my daughter one a year and a half ago - I need another deadline.

I even put the camera in this to show you how it looked, but didn't manage to get a photo. It took me a few minutes to work that one out and I'm still laughing at myself:)

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  1. If orange is one of their favorite colors, I'm sure they won't mind it being on the front.