Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Only just

The last four blocks remaining for this quilt have been cut and stacked, ready to sew.

This is how much yellow fabric that was left at the end. Careful planning? No. I had so much yellow fabric to start with that I didn't bother to estimate how much I would need. I managed to make 15 blocks, and 15 blocks will be the quilt, but only just.
As boring as it is, I think I will sit down and plan things a little more carefully next time. Not so economically, I got into a bit of a panic and bought some more yellow fabric while in Australia. As it turned out, finding a good match was not as easy as I thought and I now have a as much yellow fabric in my stash as when I started out!


  1. That is going to be a fantastic quilt and that soft yellow color is lovely. I'm glad you ended up with enough fabric.

  2. The yellow "neutral" is a pretty touch - I look forward to seeing the finished top!