Monday, November 22, 2010

Double wedding ring

I bought these Double Wedding Ring pieces some months ago on e-bay. I am always attracted to unusual things that no-one else is bidding on - I feel justified purchasing something that may risk ending up as rat fodder in someone's garage, or worse. (Wonder what happened to that little segment missing in the upper corner of the photo?)

I sent a photo to Barbara Brackman after reading this post which mentions that the double wedding ring didn't appear until around 1920. The fabrics in these Wedding Ring pieces seemed earlier than that to me, and definitely different to the typical pastel fabrics of the 1930's when Double Wedding Rings had their heyday.

Today Barbara Brackman has published a new post specifically about the history of Double Wedding Ring quilts.

Keiko Goke's modern rendition of a Double Wedding Ring (featured in Barbara's post) has appeared all over the internet. I can see why - I adore the free pieced sections and wonky corner posts. Reminds me of the wonkiness of my own set of pieces above. Made me wonder if I could turn them into a wonky little wedding ring quilt - or should I just preserve them for posterity, as are?


  1. I like the idea of a small little wonky wedding ring quilt.
    I'm a quilt piece rescuer too!!

  2. There are so many abandoned wedding ring pieces that I think it s fine to make a little wonky wedding ring with the ones you have...

  3. Thanks for the advice - Barbara Brackman also said more or less the same thing in the comments of her post - so, that's one more project to add to my WIP pile:)

  4. could be a quilter from the twenties who had a stash of antique scraps. I think some people would look at my quilts sewn with vintage/antique fabrics and think they were made in an earlier period.

    Your pieces are wonderful -- love the fabrics. I really like the idea of making a wonky wedding ring quilt.

  5. I love the old fabrics in these arcs! I say go ahead and make a little quilt. It will be charming. :)

  6. Thanks for your encouragement everybody. I will start looking out for background fabric. I think the quilting will have to be something fun.

  7. I think I'd like the wonkiness if the blocks went together. Don't you just love the touch of cheddar!

  8. kasthurirajam - the clothes you make for your daughter, and your daughter, are very cute:) I love the butterfly made from magazine pages - my daughter wants to try that.

    Janet - yes I do love the cheddar - those fabrics turn up a lot - they must have been popular. I also love the bordeux piece - it really jumps at me. I think I will have to transfer some of the fifth section to the upper right corner or I will loose that yellow. The extra section will go on the back.
    Yes, I will turn this into a little quilt - it's in the to-buy-fabric for pile.