Thursday, November 4, 2010

Autumn colours

I don't know if I will ever make a quilt in these colours, but my youngest - brown haired, brown eyed - daughter looks lovely in them.

The top was found in my  local second-hand boutique (no thrift shop bargains in my neighbourhood). The fabric is Liberty. I traced off the pants pattern from a favourite pair of pants. The contrast trim on the inside of the waistband was a last-minute length adjustment. The button was a happy find from the button box.

I actually sewed these pants last winter, but as they turned out a little large, they weren't used much - just as well, because they fit my four-year-old perfectly now.


  1. I always say that brown is my favorite color! I wear black mainly though, but when I was younger it was brown. I also love brown and pinks or reds in quilts! Very nice and I'm glad they fit your little one now!

  2. I admire anyone that can sew a garment. I couldn't even sew a handkerchief although I can manage quilts. It must give you lots of satisfaction to see your child running around wearing clothes you have made. Well done!