Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Something for me

I made this skirt and blouse for my birthday. The linen I bought locally and it is just right for hot weather.

The fabric for the skirt is Hope Valley  - I bought it on-line. I had seen it on many blogs and chose it for the sprigs of blue flowers. I was a little bit disappointed by the colours when the fabric arrived - I didn't expect it to have a yellow tinge and the colours to be muted. Plus I didn't know what to wear with it.

Once I paired the skirt with this creamy white linen the colours came alive. The fabric took on a more translucent look. Now I love it.

The skirt is drafted from a dress pattern from a Burda magazine. The blouse is from the  Japanes 'Tunic Tunic - 1 day sewing' book. I find it a little too 'blousy'. I would like to make the neckline higher and shorten the sleeves, to make it a little neater. Otherwise the fit is great.


  1. Hi
    Looks like you are new to blogging - welcome and and yours look great.
    I love your skirt and blouse. I keep intending to make some garments, but just haven't buckled (ha ha) down to do it.

  2. Oh, it looks so beautiful! I love the skirt, it looks very romantic :) I love finding brand-new blogs! I also started blogging in July. Isn't it great how the internet help us connect with other people who might be far away but are so near to us in a way?