Wednesday, July 28, 2010

This time last year

This time last year I was trying to think of something to give my youngest daughter for her third birthday. She didn't seem to need anything, so something handmade seemed to be in order. I already had some basted hexagons and a couple of hexagon flowers with this quilt in mind ....

...from this book;

I used an old business shirt of my husband's for the background, scraps from my stash for the flowers, and two more business shirts arrived in time for the backing and binding.

The quilt measures 13 1/2"x 15". The hexagons are 2" across (straight side to straight side). It is hand pieced using English paper piecing, and hand quilted.

August in Italy is not a great month for sewing - luckily this was small. All the same, it is not my best stitching as my eyes got rather foggy. I am not sure how interested my little one was in the quilt - she seemed more interested in unwrapping her presents than what was inside. In any case, it looks lovely in the girls bedroom and I enjoy it every time I walk past.


  1. What a sweet little gift! Having just pushed myself to finish a quilt in extreme heat..I can really appreciate your efforts. :)
    As we work on gifts for loved ones we go through an emotional "bonding" journey, and hope the recipient feels the love? I hope in time your Daughter realizes what she has. Sometimes it's not until we are grown and ARE the Mama that realize the sweet things that were done for us?

  2. If this isn't your best stitching, I'd like to see what is! I zoomed in on that little quilt (thanks for making the photos nice and big), and your stitching looks wonderful. I also love the subtle colors you used, and the dress shirts are perfect as background and binding.

    Ann said it so well -- you daughter is just a little girl, but some day she's going to really appreciate this sweet quilt, and all the others you are going to make for her.

  3. It's really cute, what a neat gift, I love the look of the book too. It's hard to do much of anything in the heat.

  4. Hi Alice,
    I have that book too. There are some lovely vintage quilts in it that serve as great inspiration. There seems to be a resurgence in popularity of hexagon quilts in blogland of late. Yours is lovely.

    I think I might have to make the odd doll quilt - a way to get a completed project for a change.