Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Not quite a quilt....

I haven't been doing much quilting of late - just the minimum amount to maintain my sanity - or not quite! (should ask my children if they think I'm still sane).

I have been working on a new project, which a friend commented is not unlike a quilt. I did use that analogy myself to describe it - a website has many pages created in layers. If you know my quilting work, you'll know that these colours are amongst my favourites. Although I don't write about my family life here on piecemeal pieces, I'll give you a little snapshot into what I do when I'm not quilting.....

Miriam, my youngest, was born with a cleft lip and palate. I managed to breastfeed her with a lot of determination and luck, but I would like to make things simpler for other parents in the same boat. One new reader commented last night on Facebook "OMG where have you been!" - probably the nicest comment I have ever received.

Please share this with anyone who works in maternal and infant health or young in 800 newborn children (approx. 7000 babies a year in the US) could use this information. You could also help by sharing on your own blog, or liking on any of the social media buttons on the homepage. 

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